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February 28 through March 2, 2019

Holiday Inn Riverwalk, San Antonio, Texas


           Our Spring Conference is scheduled to be in Holiday Inn Riverwalk, San Antonio, Texas, at the conveniently-located

Holiday Inn Riverwalk 

217 N Saint Marys Street, San Antonio, Texas 78205

TEL: 1-855-516-1092

Try travelzoo.com for cheap fares wherever you are flying from.  You might find something you can use at a really good price.  


San Antonio weather could be mild to hot, so plan to pack appropriately!

Search All Airlines: supersearch@travelzoo.com for the best prices and flight times!

Directions:  Try MapQuest to figure out your travel plans!


Want to share a cab ride from the airport?  Post a comment on our StenoCAT Users Network Facebook page.


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