StenoCAT 8 Has Arrived!

By Rick Louie

Well, actually, it arrived sometime ago, but we’ve been continuously adding to it with many, many new features. We are currently on version 8.0.4 as of August 2021. Let’s see what you’ve been missing!

  • That old hardware key, you no longer need to carry it around with you! You can go keyless! No more worries about forgetting to bring it or having it break at an inopportune time!

  • Insync: With version 8, you can now split audio files AND merge them back too! So for those of you using the partition stroke, this is great! Oh yeah, you can also choose to have your job partitioned automatically if you like!

  • The Secondary Save Location now saves audio in addition to the transcript!  Makes it much easier to setup dailies with scopists!

  • Here’s one of my favorites: You can add comments into the StenoCAT Explorer! Write short notes to yourself about the job, and you can even sort them!

  • Smart Briefs capabilities expanded! You can choose Phonetic OR Raw steno, depending on what YOU prefer. You can now EDIT your briefs directly from the Briefs window! You can modify both English and Steno! Those of you who use them will find this to be a wonderfully useful feature!

  • Side-by-side transcripts! Version 8 makes it SOOOO easy to set up two jobs side-by-side. Very useful for comparing and referencing.

  • Timestamps are now ADJUSTABLE according to time zone! So, if you took a job and your computer was in the wrong time zone, no problem!

And here’s a short list of other improvements as well…

  • Number conversion improvements
  • Zoom percentage box allows you to type in percentage you want, e.g., 133%)
  • TrialBook output is simplified even more! Set it once, it’s done for good.
  • Improved macro search and copy out feature
  • Improved real-time stability and performance.
  • ...and much more!

Here’s how to check the version you’re on: Simply go to the Help menu dropdown box in the StenoCAT Explorer or the StenoCAT Editor and then go to About.

If you are on a version such as 8.0, 8.0.1, 8.0.2, 8.0.3, you can simply go to our Downloads page on our website and install 8.0.4!

Now, if you’re on version 7.5 or lower, you can update to version 8. If you don’t see the version 8 available, call Viki for help and here’s her direct number: 949-475-0312. (Yes, you can still use our general sales line too, 800-909-9199)


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